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St. Damian Festival Voluteer Page - September 20, 21 & 22, 2013 - Sunday, July 22, 2012

2013 St. Damian Festival Volunteer Information
Thank you for volunteering!
September 20, 21, and 22, 2013

Festival Co-Chairs
Carol Nelius - email at cjnelius@att.net
 Sharon Giangrande - email at mg6195@hotmail.com

Schedule Coordinator
 Michelle Rudzinski - email at

Grande Raffle Ticket Chairs
Debbie Andresen & Kathy Birchfield

Casino Chairs
Dave & Debbie Marlett

Bake Sale Chair
Debbie Marshall

Tin Can Alley Chair
Sharon Giangrande

Beer Truck Chair
Tim Keener

Our festival can not be a success without the help of any and everyone! 


There are 3 easy ways to volunteer for the festival:

  1. Click on the link(s) below to signup for any available spots
  2. Setup page: www.mysignup.com/stdamianfestivalsetup2013

Friday: www.mysignup.com/stdamianfestivalfriday2013

Saturday: www.mysignup.com/stdamianfestivalsaturday2013

Sunday: www.mysignup.com/stdamianfestivalsunday2013

Overnight Security: www.mysignup.com/stdamianfestivalsecurity2013

  1. Download the volunteer form, fill it out, and drop off at the Parish Center or School Office.  (the form is also available at the Parish Center or School Office)
  2. Contact Michelle Rudzinski at michelle.rudzinski@comcast.net or 734.502.1460

                Description of Volunteer Positions:

Setup- Starting on Thursday Sept 19th at 6pm festival setup will begin.  Thursday’s tasks will include setting up the tents and putting up signs.  Friday Sept 20th from 11am-6pm will be the BIG setup day.  Any and all help will be taken!  Tasks will include everything from decorating to setting up tables/chairs.

Saturday morning at 7am we will start the setup for the game tent and indoor setup for the dinners, Tin Can Raffle, etc.  We will take any and all help on Saturday from 7am-Noon!  Several volunteers are needed Sunday to help with last minute preparation before the festival opens for the day.

Coffee/Pop/Garbage – A good multi-tasker is needed to stock pop, make coffee, and manage garbage during all days of the festival.

Parking/Security – Assist those attending the Festival with parking and report security issues to the Festival Chairs.

Grilled Food Cashier – Sell tickets for food and drinks outside on Friday and in the Activity Room on Saturday/Sunday.

Grilled Food Server – Serve grilled food outside on Friday and in the Vestibule on Saturday/Sunday.

Popcorn & Nachos – Prepare and serve popcorn and nachos  outside on Friday and in the Activity Room on Saturday/Sunday.

Beer Server – Serve beer and other alcohol from the Beer Truck outside.

Bingo Worker – Sell Bingo supplies, monitor Bingo activity, and call numbers.  Bingo will be in the Upper El of the School.

Casino Dealer - Deal cards in the Casino room in the Upper El of the School.

Casino Food/Drink Server – Sell concessions and beer in the Casino room.

Casino Chip Seller – Sell poker chips in the Casino room in the Upper El of School.

Family Bingo – Sell Bingo supplies, monitor Bingo activity, call numbers, and distribute prizes in the School Cafeteria on Sunday only.

Game Worker - Run and monitor kids’ games in the Game Tent behind school. 

Bouncer Supervision – Supervise children on Bouncers behind school.

Game & Bouncer Ticket Seller - Sell bouncer and Kid’s Game tickets behind school.

Candy Tent Worker – Sell and stock candy in the Candy Tent behind the school and in the school cafeteria during the Teen Dance.

Tin Can Raffle – Sell tickets for the Tin Can Raffle in the Gym.

50/50 Ticket Sales – Sell 50/50 Tickets indoor and outdoor.

Grand Raffle Ticket Sales –  Sell Grand Raffle Tickets outside on Friday and in the Activity Room Saturday/Sunday.

Bake Sale  - Sell Baked goodies in the Gym.

Dinner Cashier - Sell dinner tickets in the Activity Room.

Dinner Server – Serve dinners in the Activity Room on Saturday/Sunday.

Teen Dance Supervisor - Supervise Teen Dance on Saturday in school cafeteria.

Overnight Security – Sit in your car in the parking lot watching the bouncers and other supplies left during the night.  2 shifts 11pm-3am or 3am-7am.

Teardown – Friday night many hands are needed to move the tables/chair and dance floor from outside to inside.  Teardown will start on Friday night at 11pm.  Starting at 6pm on Sunday Sept 23rd the festival will need to be torn down.  Activities will include everything from stowing tables/chairs, dismantling tents, sweeping floors, etc.  Any volunteers can be used starting at 6pm until we are done!




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